Best Dog Shampoos for 2018

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Kibble Pet was founded by Samantha Kent, the owner of two lively golden doodles, a breed that results from a cross between standard poodles and golden retrievers. Like poodles,their curly hair is relatively high maintenance, as far as dog breeds go.

Like golden retrievers, golden doodles love to swim. But every time Samantha took them out to the water, they’d come back with terrible wet dog smell and tangled, matted fur.

Samantha happened to work in the human haircare manufacturing industry, giving her a lot of valuable experience and insight. She used her professional experience to launch Kibble Pets in 2016, a company offering high quality shampoos for dogs.

Kibble Pet products are carefully formulated by expert teams of synthetic chemists, and designed to be salon quality, while still maintaining a reasonable price point.

Kibble Pet offers a variety of products, including shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners to help prevent or fix matting, wipes, and travel kits.

Their Silky Coat Grooming Shampoo comes in two all natural aroma blends: aloe vera and honey, and warm vanilla and amber.

They also offer a Brush-In Shine Waterless Shampoo, available in both scents. These spray-on shampoos make a cinch to keep your dog’s coat clean and smelling fresh, without needing to give them a full-fledged bath. This can come in handy for breeds that don’t like getting wet.

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