Our Story Right

Kibble Pet was initially created for Samantha’s two golden doodles who loved to go swimming but always came back with the “wet dog” smell and matted fur. The first two products, the Miracle Dematter, was designed to dissolve tough tangles without having to cut them, and the Brush-in Shine Waterless Shampoo, designed for quick use between grooming sessions, leaving a fresh-smelling furry friend. 

Samantha’s years of experience working in the “human” haircare manufacturing industry enabled her to identify core ingredients with expert chemists that would work with her canine friends. Kibble Pet will continue to innovate within the pet care segment to provide products that perform at a salon-level in the absence of harsh toxic ingredients.  

Kibble Pet believes dogs equally deserve the opportunity to look and smell great and that a healthy coat is a fundamental necessity not a splurge for special occasions. 

Kibble Pet never forgoes quality for convenience, because true love means keeping your best friend comfortable and happy everyday, in and out of the pool. 



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