Silky Coat Miracle Dematter Leave-in Spray - Aloe Vera & Honey


Hair / Fur Type: 

This product is ideal for usage on long or short hair and fur.


The Miracle Dematter has been expertly formulated with organic argan oil, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil and aloe vera to help dissolve and prevent tangles while providing a lustrous, healthy, glowing coat!


Conditioner substitute: 1 - After washing with a Kibble Pet shampoo, spray directly onto coat while still wet, avoiding eyes and ears.

2 - Groom as usual.

For detangling: 1 - Spray directly onto mats and tangles (for tough tangles, massage into trouble spots)

2 - Brush out starting at lowest point of tangled area and work through one section at a time.

3 - Reapply as needed, do not rinse out.

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